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Are you a frequent flyer but getting tired of wasting your time and money? Then you are just like us. Vector air started out of the passion of an around-the-world frequent flyer Talal Alzuhair. Why couldn’t a private planes be affordable? Once you take a flight with us, you will not want to travel differently. It is easy, time-saving, comfortable, and safe.

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Your private planes

We like modesty, but not when it comes to talking about our plane.

Safety and comfort is what best describes it and that is exactly what we offer our customers.

Our commercial pilots are highly skilled professionals. They operate with Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT™), enhancing visual orientation in unkind weather conditions. The Turbo Stationair is powered by the Lycoming TIO-540-AJ1A, a smooth and quiet 310-horsepower engine. Its maximum cruise speed is 164 knots (303 km/h).

With its wingspan of only approximately 11 meters and length of 8,5 meters, the Cessna is designed to challenge even steeper climbs and higher altitudes. Its maximum cruise speed reaches up to 164 knots (303 km/h).

The interior of our Cessna is spacious and airy, with panoramic, wrap-around windows for nothing less but perfect views. It is equipped with wide ergonomically designed leather seats for six with AmSafe inflatable seatbelts. interior lighting and ventilation is within reach of every passenger, as are Turbo Stationair’s standard,12-volt power converters for your convenience to ensure your laptops and other devices going even when you’re high above the ground.

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Your private planes We like modesty, but not when it comes to talking about our plane.

Your pilots

We choose commercial pilots you can fully trust. They are nothing less than reliable professionals. It is our pleasure to introduce to you:


Our Cessna can be at any Airport of your choice and at very short notice

We will arrange the transport to and from the airport of your choice, relax and let us take care of arranging your trip

Starting from

530 EUR / hour

We offer you a way to travel in a comfortable, time-saving manner. Our planes are high-performance aircraft of practical size. Total capacity of the smallest plane is 5 passengers + pilot.

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