Business trips

We want to get you wherever you need. In time. Forget driving to your meetings or facilities in Europe. Try renting our plane on a monthly basis. Maybe we can land at a small airfield near your factory or office. Save your time!

Our base is located in Prague, within easy reach from the city.

Our private plane is a high-performance aircraft of practical size Cessna T206 Stationair. We offer customers professional services both on and off board.

Do you travel to European destinations? Forget about driving to them! Rent a Cessna With the Cessna T206 you can most likely land within 15 - 30 km from your final destination. Contact us!

Don't drive to your next international exhibitions in Germany or Austria? Fly there! Rent a Cessna from Vector Air

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Italy
  • Switzerland and more!

Starting from

530 EUR / hour

We offer you a way to travel in a comfortable, time-saving manner. The heavy hauler complete utility Cessna T206 Station-air commuting with 5 passengers. Contact us and Rent a Cessna

Where is your next business trip? Do you want to fly there? maybe you have regular trips to regular destinations. Contact us and Rent a Cessna for regular flights

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Example destinations:

Austria Salzburg W. A. Mozart € 1 259 Book now
Austria Wiener Neustadt Ost € 1 169 Book now
Austria Vienna Schwechat € 1 375 Book now
Germany Berlin Schonefeld € 1 226 Book now
Germany Munich Schleissheim € 1 344 Book now
Hungary Budapest Budaors € 1 704 Book now
Italy Milan Malpensa € 2 438 Book now
Poland Krakow Balice € 1 523 Book now
Slovakia Košice Košice € 2 031 Book now
Switzerland Zurich Kloten € 2 147 Book now