Our Cessna T206 Station-air has a range 700 km. Choose the destination and let us take care about the rest.

Whether it is for business or for leisure, Vector Air will take you wherever you wish.

Practical robust Cessna T206 can land at many smaller airports within easy reach to your final destination.

Imagine you can take off and return for business or leisure whenever it fits your calendar the best. Private flying is not a privilege only of the rich. We like to think the journey itself should be an experience made worthwhile. So while you’re up in the air, don’t just wait to get there, enjoy getting there! Have a look at the map and pick a destination of your choice whether you need to travel for business or holidays.

  • 1 Hr
  • 2 Hr
  • 3 Hr

Our base is located in Prague, within easy reach from the city.

Our plane range from the heavy hauler complete utility Cessna T206 Station-air commuting with 5 passengers

Starting from

530 EUR / hour

We offer you a way to travel in a comfortable, time-saving manner. Our plane is a high-performance aircraft of practical size. Total capacity of the plane for rent is 5 passengers + pilot.

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Example destinations:

Austria Salzburg W. A. Mozart € 1 259 Book now
Austria Wiener Neustadt Ost € 1 169 Book now
Austria Vienna Schwechat € 1 375 Book now
Germany Berlin Schonefeld € 1 226 Book now
Germany Munich Schleissheim € 1 344 Book now
Hungary Budapest Budaors € 1 704 Book now
Italy Milan Malpensa € 2 438 Book now
Poland Krakow Balice € 1 523 Book now
Slovakia Košice Košice € 2 031 Book now
Switzerland Zurich Kloten € 2 147 Book now